When Purchasing a Vacation Home Consider the West!

Montana Vacation Home Loans

Montana is a state full of beautiful mountains belonging to the Rocky Mountain range, approximately 77 named and many unnamed. Nicknamed as “Land of shining mountains” and Big Sky Country”, Montana is a vacationer’s paradise. It is a big state and known for its wilderness and national parks. Owning a vacation home in this state is a logical thing. Whether it’s a summer golf residence, large mountain acreage, an undeveloped farm and ranch, or river fishing retreat, funding for vacation property in Montana can be obtained from Resort Funding/Montana Mortgage. Also the sheer variety of funding choices that we offer is unbeatable.

If it is a condo that you intend to buy it is wise to opt for a Montana condominium loan even if you can afford to buy a condo outright. But if you prefer purchasing a vacant plot and building a house on it, we feature Montana construction home loans. These loans take care of the heavy expenses that normally happen during construction of a home. Usually only interest is charged during the construction of the house and then once the construction is over, usually within 6-12 months, the loan turns into a traditional mortgage program. Lot loans in Montana are useful for people that wish to buy land immediately but defer constructing a home on the land to a later date.

Washington Vacation Home Loans

Washington State offers a climate that is predominantly oceanic in the west due to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Washington’s claim to vacation fame is its sandy coastal beach regions, snow covered mountains, and deserts. Recreational activities can be enjoyed in the state’s many terrains. Washington also can satisfy the cultural hungry with a host of cultural programs all through the year.

While the real estate boom slowed down in the entire country, Washington state held the promise of rising real estate prices in 2006 (Source: CNN Money – This is because Washington lagged behind in home ownership. The strengthening of job scenario in the state could mean that renters are converting in to owners and also into vacation homes.

If you are contemplating building a vacation home in Washington then construction home loans can ensure that your home gets built within a stipulated time period without any hassle. One time construction loans in Washington are powerful programs that take care of lot purchase, construction, and permanent loan all at once without bothering about reapplying and qualifying again.

Condotels are a branded lifestyle for affluent vacation home owners and in Washington they do not come cheap. But the amenities and the cachet of a luxury hotel are worth paying for through Washington condotel financing.

Idaho Vacation Home Loans

Idaho, especially McCall, Idaho has not become as crowded as most of the busy vacation destinations in the USA. Though the tourist destinations in Idaho are as picturesque and as enjoyable as you can get it still retains its originality and freshness. There are a myriad of activities that vacationers can indulge in Idaho. The amenities like healthcare and connectivity also leaves no room for complaint in Idaho.

Your dream of buying a vacation home with a view of snow capped mountains or placid lakes can take shape with Idaho construction loans. A vacation home in Sun Valley, the number 1 skiing resort in the country; or overlooking Lake Payette in McCall; or in Boise allowing you to go white water rafting in Coeur d’Alene or Island Park as an alternative to Jackson Hole Wyoming can be financed through many of Idaho vacation home loan programs. Depending on your need you can choose from Idaho lot loans, Idaho construction loans, and one time construction loans Idaho. Each of these financial programs has several flexible policies that a prospective buyer can opt according to his specific needs.

Idaho, the snowmobiling paradise, is truly a vacation destination and its essence can be savored more by a vacation home owner.

Wyoming Vacation Home Loans

The majority of the Wyoming state is dominated by Rocky Mountain ranges and rangelands. The mountain ranges of the North West taper off in to beautiful open plains in the east in Wyoming. Such diversity makes this musically sounding state a sanctuary for vacationers. Travel and tourism industry along with mineral extraction industry form the main driving force of the economy. Millions of tourists visit Wyoming every year. The national parks: Grand Teton National Park and Yellow Stone National Park are just two of the main tourist attractions of the state. Nicknamed as the “Cowboy State”, Wyoming has been ranked as the 3rd most livable state in the USA for 2007. Yellow Stone National Park and the Devils Tower are the two oldest national parks and monuments, respectively, in the USA. Jackson Hole Resort and Teton Village are undergoing major on-mountain and village development as are surrounding resort areas.

Of course the vacation homes are costlier in this state simply because of the booming tourism industry. But that should not deter interested buyers as Wyoming vacation home loans are here to help achieve their goals. Whether you are looking for condotels, luxurious villas, modest cottages, or simply land to build your dream vacation home your financial needs can be met by Wyoming lot loans, Wyoming construction loans, or one time construction loans Wyoming. All these Wyoming vacation home loan programs have features that can suit any type of buyer. For example the lot loan program of Wyoming can be exempted from proof of income.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a premier vacation spot in the country. And Wyoming vacation home loans can get you a home there as well as in any of the important places of this essentially Wild West state. We often can provide zero lender fee loan program options.

In the Final Analysis

The reasons for buying a vacation home are not often financial. There are overriding emotional, recreational, and family reasons for buying a vacation home. But that doesn’t mean financial considerations can be overlooked. The real estate market for vacation homes has its own set of risks, especially if you are considering reselling it in future. Due diligence and ample amount of research is advised before zeroing on buying a vacation property. If selected with weighing the pros and cons properly your vacation home could end up as a peaceful retreat as well as a solid financial asset.

A buyer should be prudent enough to opt for a property that meets his vacation needs. Several factors should be taken in to consideration while buying a vacation home in any of the above mentioned five states. Direction of future growth in that particular area, possibility of price appreciation, commuting distance from the nearest city or town (in worse weather conditions), availability of healthcare during emergencies, help accessible during natural disasters, and the presence of friends and relatives or the presence of a community in the proximity should be thoroughly considered before deciding to buy a vacation home. Some local rules also should be studied as they can make a lot of difference to the purpose of your vacation home buying. A local caveat restricting short term rentals can work against your aim of earning substantial revenue through rentals.

Securing funding for a vacation home is not that difficult as actually there is a wide range of financing alternatives; a prospective buyer should study the pros and cons of all loan instruments. When deciding about a fixed rate or an adjusted rate, the time period of repayment of the loan, various conditions and clauses of a loan instrument should be studied properly.

A vacation home will be able to provide the desired relaxation and rejuvenation if the financial aspect is dealt with wisely, suiting to your budget and balancing your needs. Hard practical sense and not dreamy woolliness will help a lot in making financial decisions. If chosen correctly vacation home loans can turn your cherished dream become a sweet reality. Then you can have a better home away from home.


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